Trang chủ Near Protocol

Near Protocol

🎙 @AliaksandrH, co-creator of @humanguild on @NEARProtocol's rapidly expanding gaming ecosystem.

"We want every human to be rewarded for bringing their creations to the world."



@SmartPad_launch announces a strategic partnership with Aurora - an EVM built on top of @NEARProtocol. Aurora offers its users an Ethereum-compatible, scalable, and high throughput platform, with quick block times and cheap transactions.

💻 Exploring the differences between when code is law and law is code at #NEARCON

Be sure to join the panel at 4pm Lisbon time and if you can't join, that's alright we got you covered through the livestream 📹


🎙 @kendaIIc, co-founder of @proximityfi breaking down the state of #DeFi on @NEARProtocol. 🔥

Check out the #NEAR native DeFi protocols @finance_ref, @meta_pool, @skywardfinance, @fluxprotocol @CheddarFi, @burrowcash, @FinanceOin and @pulsemarkets!


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