Hàng tỷ vi thanh toán đang chuẩn bị cập bến Elrond thông qua Human Protocol

HUMAN Protocol Foundation đang định nghĩa lại cách con người và máy móc làm việc cùng nhau. Bằng cách kết nối nguồn nhân lực...

Introducing the first #HUMANcommunity newsletter: a regular update to keep our community apprised of all things #HUMAN. Read for an overview of what we’ve been up to, including #HMT updates, partnerships, and news about the Protocol.


Build together with the grants program. Collaboration is at the heart of #HUMAN, and the grants program is designed to foster it. A new initiative to help build out usage of #HUMANProtocol, to bring a better way of working to millions more. https://t.co/TKso8NM0NG

Why the #HUMANgrantsprogram? To help others leverage the unique capabilities of the Protocol, and build their own applications and job markets. More work, greater access. https://t.co/IHoL6GJCNS $HMT

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