KYVE gây quỹ 2,8 triệu đô la để nâng cao khả năng lưu trữ dữ liệu Web 3.0

Những người đồng sáng lập dự án Riewe và Letey đều là những doanh nhân trẻ, lần lượt ở độ tuổi 21 và 16. Giao...

Avax - Truy vết Hidden Gem trong thị trường Crypto

Some stats on 🔺

- 1093 validators
- 16,776 delegations
- Max daily TPS consistently between 100-350 tps
- Daily active addresses surpassed 70K

and, finally (this is *very* important), the usage metrics are there without any observable spam (too expensive to spam). Organic.

@avaxbridgetroll @avalabsofficial @el33th4xor @kevinsekniqi @jayks17 the developer chat in the Avalanche Discord is a great place to start connecting with other builders!

Alright, it's time for the Rush

🔺 Joe Rush is live 🔺

Phase 1
Joe Rush Farms: $XAVA / $YAK / $JOE / $SPELL
MIM: on Banker Joe (Double Rewards)

Ava Labs' President @John1wu was on the recent episode of @barronsonline Streetwise Podcast, talking about the advantages of blockchain technology and why platforms like Avalanche matter vs. older generation cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Listen here:

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